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111 Avenue Road , Acton , London , W3 8QH, Telephone: 020 8992 9955, Fax: 020 8896 0941

Ealing CCG


   Medically Urgent Problems


Medically urgent problems will be dealt with the same day, so phone as early as possible after 8:30am in the morning, and 1.00pm on the dot for the afternoon, (Tuesdays at 2pm).  You may be given an appointment to come in, or telephone advice by the doctor, as necessary.

Minor Ailments

Do you already receive free prescriptions?

If you are suffering from any of the following minor ailments, you can by-pass the GP and receive your medication free of charge by going straight to the pharmacist with a minor ailments passport.

Coughs, sore throat, eye infections, ear infections, nappy rash, back pain, eczema, head lice, thrush, acne, thread worms, cold sores, diarrhoea etc 




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