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111 Avenue Road , Acton , London , W3 8QH, Telephone: 020 8992 9955, Fax: 020 8896 0941

Ealing CCG

   To order a Repeat Prescription


We need 48 hours notice to process your prescription request. You can order your prescription using the following methods;

  • Online
  • By Post (please provide a SAE)
  • In Person
  • By Fax (020 8896 0941)
  • Through your local chemist

All requests must be in writing. If you have a prescription slip (normally attached to your last prescription) please tick the items you require and hand this into reception. If you want to request your items online please do so here: ON LINE or by email to

We are now employing a clinical pharmacist to manage your requests for repeat medications so you may notice a new name, Graham Stretch, on your prescriptions from now on.

Our turnaround times remain unchanged at 48 working hours:

REQUESTED                        COLLECTION
Monday 8 - 6pm                  Wednesday between 12noon and 1.30pm
Tuesday 8 - 6pm                 Thursday after 2pm
Wednesday 8 - 1pm            Friday after 2pm 
Thursday 8 - 6pm                Monday after 2pm
Friday 8 - 6pm                     Tuesday after 2pm



If your prescription is put in after we have closed it will be allocated to the next working day.  Also please take into account bank holidays when requesting prescriptions as this will add an extra working day.
If the doctor does not issue your medication and needs you to make an appointment we will text you and ask you to kindly book an appointment. Therefore please ensure your contact details are up to date at all times
Any urgent requests will still go to one of the doctors here who will issue a prescription the same day if appropriate

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