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111 Avenue Road , Acton , London , W3 8QH, Telephone: 020 8992 9955, Fax: 020 8896 0941

Ealing CCG

How to see your doctor

  • Call the surgery on 020 8992 9955
  • Come in to the surgery in person
  • Make appointments online - please note that you will only be able to book doctors appointments online and not nurses

You need to be registered to use the online service. Please speak to reception who can register you and supply you with your access pin. If you have already received these details, visit SystmOnline to register your online account.

There are limited appointments released on a daily basis and are bookable from 8am.  If you are registered on line you will be able to see available appointments from midnight.

To book an embargoed appointment (routine appointment) you can call/or come at 8am and speak with reception. 

Cancelling your Appointments

Please inform us well in advance if you no longer need your appointment. Please text 'cancel' to: 07538 539 906

Did you know...? 

84 appointments are wasted each month by patients who do NOT cancel their unwanted booked appointments. Help us help you by remembering to cancel your appointment. 

Appointments with doctors

 Mornings     Monday, Tuesday, Friday  9am - 11am
   Wednesday & Thursday  8am - 11am
 Evenings  Weekdays (except Wednesday)  3pm - 6pm


Did you know GPs are no longer required to countersign your passport or driving licence application form? Opticians, dentists, civil servants, religious ministers, bank and building society officials and many other professionals can also do this for you.

  • Did you know you don’t need a sick note if you are off work for less than seven days? You can self-certify – contact your personnel office at work for details.
  • Don’t forget you don’t always need an appointment with your GP for advice on coughs, colds and other minor health problems – you can see your local pharmacist (chemist) instead for advice and any medication that may be necessary.


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